Recent audit reports

April 2024

Report on web accessibility provided by the public sector

The purpose of the report is to assess whether the ministries and the regions have ensured that their websites are accessible to citizens with a disability, and whether the Agency for Digital Government has monitored the ministries and regions’ compliance with the Web Accessibility Act in a satisfactory manner.

April 2024

Report on maximum waiting time for cancer patients

This report concerns the extent to which the Danish regions and the Danish Ministry of the Interior and Health’s have ensured compliance with the maximum waiting time for cancer patients.

About Rigsrevisionen

We support the Danish parliament in holding government to account by examining whether laws and policies made by the parliament are implemented

We are particularly concerned with areas where public money is not spent wisely, or politically agreed measures or services are not provided as intended.

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The role of the Public Accounts Committee

The six members of the Public Accounts Committee are appointed by the Parliament and have – as the only external body – authority to ask Rigsrevisionen to carry out major studies of particular policy areas. The committee members meet once a month to review and comment on the reports and memorandums prepared by Rigsrevisionen. Most importantly, the committee reviews Rigsrevisionen’s annual report on the audit of the public accounts and forwards its comments to the accounts to the Parliament.

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