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What is a cookie? 

Like most other websites, we store small bits of text on your computer, tablet, smartphone or other electronic device when you visit our site. Cookies help us gather information about how you use our so that we can improve your browsing. 

Cookies help us monitor our site and improve our service to you. Cookies are passive files that cannot spread computer viruses or malicious programs. Cookies cannot identify you personally or see if your computer is used by one or more people. 

On your first visit to our site, a cookies notification message will pop up, informing you that we use cookies. Indicate whether you accept or reject cookies. You can delete cookies at any time. 

Read more about the cookies we use and for which purposes. 

There are two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary and are deleted automatically when you close your browser. Persistent cookies are stored on your device with an expiration date. If it has expired, it will be renewed the next time you visit our site.

What happens if I don’t accept cookies?

Then some parts of the site will not work, like our videos on Vimeo. 

Can I delete cookies?

You can reject and delete previously accepted cookies by pressing “Reject all” at the top of the page. 

Please note that the “Reject all” option is only displayed if you have previously accepted cookies. 

You can also delete browser cookies. How you do it depends on your browser and device (mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac). 

Why should I know this?

We are required to inform all visitors to our site of the cookies we place on their computer or mobile device. The information we provide to the users is compliant with the Danish executive order on Information and Consent Required in Case of Storing and Accessing Information in End-User Terminal Equipment, which means that we must obtain informed consent from the users if we want to store cookies on the users’ devices.

ProviderNamePurposeExpiration time cookie consent and discloses cookies on your website for GDPR compliance.1 year the user's screen size to adjust the size of images on the website.Session your consent to cookies. Includes a tracking code.1 year to map the us-ers to a content server for the duration of a session.Session
ProviderNamePurposeExpiration time
VimeovuidStores your browsing behaviour on sites with embedded video.2 years
Vimeo continuous_play_v3Stores data about your actions (pause/play) on pages with embedded vide-os. 1 year
Vimeo_abexpsStores data on how you use Vimeo vide-os.1 year
VimeoPlayerSaves and remembers information about the settings you set on an embedded video player.1 year
Vimeo__ssidStores information on how to use Vimeo players.10 years