Report on management of state forests


Report no. 7/2002

The Danish Forest and Nature Agency, a body under the Ministry of the Environment, is responsible for the management of the state forests. According to the Forestry Act, state forests are to be managed in such a way that the production of timber is increased and improved while the landscape, natural history, cultural history, environmental protection and recreational use are also granted consideration.

The report deals with the management of state forests and examines whether the Forest and Nature Agency has managed the state forests in such a way that the financial result is satisfactory. The NAOD has assessed the objectives established by the Ministry of the Environment and the planning, financial reporting and follow-up by the Forest and Nature Agency. One of the aspects of the examination is whether the Agency has carried out a clear prioritisation of the objectives for state forestry management and calculated the loss of income and additional expenses incurred as a result of these priorities.