Report on multi-year agreement for the Police 2000-2003


Report no. 14/2002

In order to ensure active, goal-oriented and efficient management of responsibilities in the police department, a group of political parties reached an agreement in 1999 concerning the police for the period 2000-2003. The agreement included an increase in appropriations of approximately DKK 2.4 billion for the period for a number of special requirements and initiatives regarding e.g. police objectives, improved effectiveness, IT investments, etc.

The overall purpose of the examination was to examine and assess the administration of the multi-year agreement by the National Commission of the Danish Police and the Ministry of Justice. The report describes the structure of the multi-year agreement and its status in an appropriation law context. Moreover, the role of the Ministry of Justice in connection with the implementation of, and follow-up on, the multi-year agreement is described. Next, the examination assesses the implementation of the requirements held in the multi-year agreement for the police districts and the follow-up conducted in this regard.

The examination also assesses the extent to which the police have fulfilled the professional and financial objectives stipulated in the multi-year agreement. Finally, the examination assesses the extent to which the Ministry of Justice and the National Commission of the Danish Police have administered the multi-year agreement in a manner that ensures a suitable basis for the control of police operations.