Report on the audit of the state accounts for 2003


Report no. 15/2003

The report on the audit of the state accounts includes the NAOD’s account of the audit of the state accounts for financial year 2003.

The introductory chapter of the report describes the regulatory basis, the state accounts for 2003, methodology and the NAOD’s statement on the state accounts.

For each ministerial area, the report refers briefly to the number of enterprises, total expenses and income, the degree of coverage of the audit performed and the NAOD’s opinion given in connection with the individual audits. On the basis of the audit performed, the NAOD gives an overall opinion of the quality of the accounting management of the individual ministerial areas, and on whether the accounts of the ministerial area were correct. Furthermore, the report refers to the results of the audits and other issues which the NAOD felt compelled to emphasise on account of their fundamental interest or amount involved.

The report also gives an account of the result of three cross-sectional examinations of the Government Pay System, the state annual reports and the ministries’ administration of the state’s reimbursements to municipalities.

It appears from the NAOD’s statement on the state accounts that the audit revealed several weaknesses in the accounting management and errors in the accounts of individual enterprises. These weaknesses and errors influenced the opinion on the accounting management and accounts of the individual ministerial areas but were of no such nature as to affect the NAOD’s overall opinion of the state accounts for 2003. Consequently, it is the NAOD’s opinion that the state accounts were correct, and that the transactions were generally in compliance with the appropriations granted, acts, other regulations, agreements concluded and usual practice.