Report on the border control


Report no. 4/2004

The report deals with the Danish customs authorities’ (ToldSkat) control of goods at the internal and external borders of the EU, as well as police control of persons at the borders between Denmark and countries outside of the Schengen Agreement. Moreover, the report deals with police crime control in border areas and police surveillance of cross-border crime. Finally, the report deals with the defence service’s exchange of information and transport assistance in connection with border control, and the handling of enforcement duties at sea and in the air.

The report evaluates whether the tasks and responsibility for border control have been clearly defined between ToldSkat, the police and the defence forces. Furthermore, it has been evaluated whether the cooperation between ToldSkat, the police, the defence forces and the responsible authorities, on whose behalf ToldSkat manages control tasks, is functioning smoothly. It has also been evaluated whether the control tasks performed by the customs and tax regions and the police districts is efficient. Finally, the NAOD evaluates whether the Customs and Tax Administration’s and the National Police’s organisation of control tasks contributes towards efficient control.