Report on digital solutions in the government


Report no. 4/2005

The report assesses the progress of digitalisation in several selected government institutions. The purpose of the examination was to evaluate the extent to which government institutions have utilised the possibility of digitalising services and reporting for citizens and enterprises and the extent to which digital solutions have increased service levels and improved effectiveness.

The NAOD’s examination took its point of departure in the objective of Project eGovernment, according to which public sector work and communication will be increasingly digitalised and digital administration will improve service quality and release resources.

The examination is based primarily on data from questionnaires prepared for government departments, directorates, agencies and institutions in six ministerial areas. The examination comprises 42 institutions, a total of 353 services (reporting and services) and at least 2,000 annual transactions.

The purpose of the examination has been broken down into three sub-questions: a) Have the institutions utilised the possibilities of establishing digital solutions for citizens and enterprises? b) Are the users applying the digital solutions provided? c) Have the digital solutions resulted in improved service levels and effectiveness?