Report on the Ministry of Transport’s handling of the ARRIVA contract


Report no. 10/2004

In 2001, the Danish Ministry of Transport called for tenders for public service traffic by train on railway lines in Central and Western Jutland. The tender led to the Minister for Transport’s conclusion of a contract (the main contract) with ARRIVA for the period 2003-2010. After conclusion of this contract, the Ministry concluded a negotiated contract with ARRIVA in June 2002 for peak-hour service on certain of these railway lines for the period 2003-2005.

The report examines and evaluates the Ministry of Transport’s use of and follow-up on the contracts with ARRIVA. The NAOD examined whether the main contract constitutes an appropriate basis for the Ministry of Transport’s control, and whether the Ministry of Transport ensures that ARRIVA meets the requirements of both contracts. Also, the NAOD examined whether the Ministry of Transport ensured the appropriate handling of the recruitment and training of engine drivers for ARRIVA, and whether the Ministry achieved the expected savings through the tender.

Finally, the report refers to a compromise regarding the main contract, which the Transport Agency concluded with ARRIVA in November 2004.