Report on the Helsinki Convention provisions on pollution of the marine environment


Report no. 8/2004

The primary objective of the Helsinki Convention is to contribute to protecting the marine environment against pollution. The report includes the result of an examination of the implementation of the Articles of the Helsinki Convention.

The NAOD examined and evaluated whether the rules have been implemented in Danish law, and whether the authorities have monitored whether improvement of the navigation conditions in the Baltic Sea area has been initiated, and whether other member countries are informed of pollution conditions. The NAOD also examined whether appropriate emergency preparedness has been established, including whether an emergency preparedness plan has been prepared, pollution combat drills carried out and monitoring of the marine environment implemented, and whether control has been carried out in compliance with international agreements.

The examination was organised as part of a parallel audit with the participation of other national audit offices. A comparison of information on implementation of selected provisions of the Helsinki Convention is included in a joint report, which explains conditions in and differences between the countries.