Report on the Danish Defence's acquisition and use of the DeMars IT system


Report no. 3/2005

The report deals with the Danish Defence’s acquisition and commissioning of the DeMars IT system. The purpose of the report was to examine and evaluate whether the Defence’s acquisition of DeMars has been satisfactory and whether the Danish Defence has started using DeMars.

DeMars is intended to ensure effective planning, implementation and follow-up on the Defence’s activities. DeMars is a shared administrative system which includes all institutions of the Ministry of Defence, except three institutions which are using Navision. The DeMars project was completed in 2004. In terms of accounting, the project was completed at year-end 2004.

In connection with the analysis, the NAOD involved the Ministry of Defence, Defence Command Denmark and the underlying authorities of the army, navy and air force.

In order to be able to fulfil the purpose of the examination, the NAOD considered the project accounts of DeMars and the commissioning of the system in several administrative areas. Finally, the examination deals with the data quality of DeMars, the training of its users and the preparation of management information on the basis of data in DeMars.