Report on Denmark's multialteral assistance


Report no. 16/2005

The report considers the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ planning of Denmark’s multilateral assistance in relation to the 2015 objectives to fight poverty, which the international community has agreed to achieve by 2015.

The examination comprises the Ministry’s central and decentralized administration of the development assistance, including the administration at the Danish multilateral representations that are in charge of the co-operation with the multilateral organisations’ headquarters. The report reviews the Ministry’s planning of the assistance, and the NAOD has in particular evaluated whether the Ministry follows up on the organisations’ involvement in the implementation of the Danish objectives for the development assistance, with special emphasis on the 2015 objectives, and manage the assistance effectively in relation to the fight against corruption and the use of budget support.

The selected subjects of NOAD’s examination were the UN organisations UNDP, UNICEFF, WHO, UNAIDS, and the World Bank with affiliation to the UN system.