Report on the multi-year accord for the Ministry of Culture’s educational institutions 2003-2006


Report no. 8/2005

The report deals with the Ministry of Culture’s administration of the multi-year accord for the Ministry of Culture’s 16 educational institutions for the period 2003 to 2006. The accord provides the educational institutions with a known and stable financial framework during the period of agreement and enables new initiatives to be launched in six overall focus areas. These focus areas include introduction of a three-year Bachelor’s degree and a two-year Master’s degree (3+2 structure) in the Ministry of Culture’s study programmes, strengthened design research and increased focus on job opportunities in the cultural professions.

In the report, the NAOD examines the Ministry of Culture’s implementation and follow-up on the multi-year accord. The report also includes an evaluation of whether the Ministry of Culture urges educational institutions to pursue effective task management.