Report on the administration of NGO grants


Report no. 8/2006

This report concerns the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' administration of NGO grants. In 2006, the appropriation for NGO aid of DKK 896 millions represented just under 8 per cent of Denmark's total bilateral aid. The grant was administered through the Danish NGOs. The Danish embassies also cooperate with the local NGOs in programme countries. The principles and goals set for the cooperation with NGOs will appear from the Civil Society Strategy from October 2000.

Firstly, the NAOD examined whether the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made the Civil Society Strategy operational by working out, e.g. an action plan, setting targets for the implementation of the strategy. Secondly, the NAOD examined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' practical administration of the grant to the Danish NGOs. The NAOD examined whether the ministry has organised its supervision of the framework organisations, major organisations with lengthy collaborations with the ministry, in a satisfactory manner. The NAOD also looked into the administration of the support allocated to the NGOs which had received funds for individual projects. In addition to this, the NAOD examined whether the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made a targeted effort, through the Danish embassies, to support the civil society in the programme countries.