Report on the upgrading project and action plan for Svendborgbanen


Report no. 9/2006

The report deals with an upgrading project for Svendborgbanen, implemented in 2001 - 2003, and an action plan which was launched by the Ministry of Transport and Energy in 2005. The upgrading project included a construction project designed to strengthen Svendborgbanen's infrastructure, and the acquisition of new environment friendly trains.

The purpose of the action plan was to improve passenger service through a reduction of cancellations and delays on the railway stretch.

The report reviews the development in travelling times, train frequency, delays and cancellations on Svendborgbanen. The report also gives an account of the acquisition of new equipment for this railway stretch. On that background it is being assessed to which extent the upgrading project and the action plan have met the objectives. The report also addresses the audit findings related to the audit of the accounts for the construction project. This audit was carried out by the NAOD as part of the examination.