Report on the Cancerregisteret (the Cancer Registry)


Report no. 3/2007

This report deals with the Ministry of the Interior and Health's, including the National Board of Health, administration of the Cancer Registry. The purpose of the Cancer Registry is the collection and processing of cancer incidence data to facilitate the preparation of statistics, research and planning activities in the health-care sector. Since the National Board of Health took over the Cancer Registry from the Danish Cancer Society in 1997, the administration of the registry has consisted in 2 principal tasks. First, the ministry has been running the registry and been responsible for the current correct registration of all new cancer incidents. Second, it has been an important task for the ministry to transform the manually operated register into an up-to-date digital register. Rigsrevisionen has examined whether the Ministry of the Interior and Health, including the National Board of Health, has operated and modernized the Cancer Registry at a satisfactory level.