Report on the availability assessments carried out by the unemployment insurance funds


Report no. 8/2007

This report is about the insured unemployed citizens' availability to the labour market. As a condition of receiving unemployment benefit, the insured must be available to the labour market, e.g. they must actively search for jobs, meet regularly with their contact person at the job centre and accept the offers of employment created by the job centre.

The unemployment insurance funds are responsible for paying unemployment benefit to the insured unemployed citizens, but they are also required to assess whether the unemployed are available to the labour market. Rigsrevisionen has examined the framework of the funds' assessment of the unemployed, because the unemployment rate is currently historically low and the labour market is characterised by manpower shortage, in particular within specific trades.

Rigsrevisionen has examined whether the procedures followed by the unemployment insurance funds contribute to ensure that assessments of the unemployed are carried out in accordance with the availability regulations. Rigsrevisionen has also examined whether the National Directorate of Labour's inspection of the unemployment insurance funds' availability assessments is conducted in a satisfactory manner. Finally, Rigsrevisionen has reviewed whether the Ministry of Employment is ensuring efficient communication between the unemployment insurance funds and the job centres to the benefit of the unemployment insurance funds' work availability assessments.