Report on LD (a public employees pension fund)


Report no. 13/2007

The report refers to the establishment of LD and the amendment made to the act in 2004 which made it possible for the account holders to transfer their deposits to other pension funds. At the same time, the fund was granted the opportunity to establish partly owned subsidiaries, like for example an investment service company. Rigsrevisionen took the initiative to launch the examination in June 2007.

Rigsrevisionen examined whether LD's financial performance, including the return on the account holders' deposits, is satisfactory. Furthermore, Rigsrevisionen examined the establishment of the subsidiary "LD Equity 1", conditions relating to the legal capacity of this activity, and whether the establishment ensured the account holders the best possible return.

Rigsrevisionen also examined the Ministry of Employment's supervision of LD. The tasks to be performed by the ministry as part of the supervision include the fund's activities in relation to the legislative framework and conditions relating to the phasing out of the fund.

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