Report on the electricity emergency preparedness in the Nordic countries


Report no. 1/2008

This report is about the emergency preparedness in the Nordic countries. Electricity is an indispensible source of energy in modern society which is becoming increasingly vulnerable to power outages. It is important to maintain a high level of emergency preparedness locally in the form of emergency power supply units, and nationally in the planning of the public electricity supply.

Denmark is linked to Norway and Sweden through transmission cables, and under particularly unfavourable circumstances, a power outage in either of these countries may be transmitted to Denmark through the transmission cables. It is therefore important that also the Nordic countries cooperate on the emergency preparedness.

The examination of the emergency preparedness in Denmark includes firstly an examination of the local emergency preparedness in government and regional institutions. Rigsrevisionen examines the extent to which the institutions have established emergency power supply units. Secondly, the examination addresses the national emergency preparedness and Rigsrevisionen assesses whether the framework and prerequisites of an effective emergency preparedness are in place.

The examination was conducted as a parallel audit between the Supreme Audit Institutions of Norway, Finland, and Denmark and includes also an assessment of the Nordic cooperation. This assessment focuses particularly on the effectiveness of the cooperation in a situation requiring re-establishment after an extensive power outage (maintenance resources).

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