Report on the use of special advisers


Report no. 2/2009

Since the 1990s, the ministers' use of special advisers has been the object of keen interest. The interest has in particular been focused at the advisers' relation with the political party and party organization of the respective ministers, their remuneration and differences in the requirements to government officials in general and to special advisers. In connection with the general election in 2007, the fact that special advisers were campaigning for their respective minister and the minister's political party and drawing salary from the ministry at the same time was criticized.

The examination was launched at the request of the Public Accounts Committee, and its overall objective was to examine the special adviser arrangement. The examination included an assessment of the extent to which and in what manner, the government followed up two reports (no 1354 from 1998 and no 1443 from 2004) and a statement (R 2 from 2001) submitted to the Folketing (Danish Parliament), and whether the ministries' use of special advisers was in compliance with the recommendations and guidelines contained in report no 1443 from 2004. The audit also included an examination of the initiatives launched by the Danish government in the area and a review of the information presented to the Folketing on the special advisers.