Report on the Ministry of Education's Administration of the South Slesvig grant


Report no. 6/2008

This report provides an assessment of how the Ministry of Education, including "Seksmandsudvalget", manages the grant which the Danish government provide every year to cultural activities in South Slesvig. ("Seksmandsudvalget" is a government committee, whose six members are appointed by the Minister of Education. The committee is responsible for the distribution and administration of the grant.)

The report presents the results of the examination which Rigsrevisionen initiated in April 2008.

In the audit, Rigsrevisionen has focused on the fact that the Ministry of Education is obliged to ensure that it is clear what the grant is provided for and possible to determine whether the grant has been effective. Consequently, Rigsrevisionen has examined three aspects of the Ministry of Education's administration of the grant. First, the nature of the overall framework set for the grant, secondly; how is the grant being managed, and thirdly; how does the Ministry follow up on the use of the grant.