Report on the maintenance of national bridges and roads, etc.


Report no. 4/2008

The report is about the Danish Road Directorate's maintenance of national bridges and roads, etc. The examination was initiated at the request of the Danish Public Accounts Committee in October 2007.

In October 2002, the Danish government made an agreement with Dansk Folkeparti (Danish People's Party) to start eliminating the maintenance backlog. The agreement also set the financial framework for the maintenance of the road network in the period 2004-2007.

The objective of the examination is to assess whether the Danish national bridges and roads, etc. are being maintained to a satisfactory level. Rigsrevisionen has therefore first examined whether the maintenance backlog has developed as assumed in the multi-year agreement, and second whether the Danish Road Directorate's documentation of the standard conditions of roads and bridges permits reasonably reliable estimation of the maintenance backlog. Finally, the examination assesses whether the Danish Road Directorate and the Ministry of Transport have followed up on the development within the maintenance backlog in a satisfactory manner.