Report on the basis for a possible acquisition of combat aircraft


Report no. 9/2008

This report is about how the Danish Ministry of Defence and Defence Command Denmark (the Defence) have elaborated the basis for a possible decision to acquire new combat aircraft for the Defence. In the spring of 2009, the Folketing (parliament) is expected to decide whether the Defence should acquire new combat aircraft to replace the current F-16s or whether the life span of the F-16s should be extended.

The report presents the results of Rigsrevisionen's review initiated at the request of the Public Accounts Committee. The Ministry of Defence and the Defence had not finished their work when Rigsrevisionen reported to the Public Accounts Committee.

Rigsrevisionen has examined how the Defence determines the requirement for new combat aircraft, how the Defence estimates the cost of new combat aircraft, and how the Defence intends to motivate its military recommendation of the combat aircraft which is considered the best replacement for the F-16 aircraft.