Report on Charlottenborg Udstillingsbygning


Report no. 1/2009

Charlottenborg Udstillingsbygning is a government institution serving as an exhibition venue for Danish and international art.

In 2008, Charlottenborg was facing financial difficulties and the institution needed additional funding. In the summer of 2008, the Ministry of Culture decided to tighten the supervision of the institution and in November 2008, the Ministry decided to dismiss the managing director of Charlottenborg and start a reconstruction of the financial basis of the institution.

The overall objective of Rigsrevisionen's examination, which was initiated by the Public Accounts Committee, was to assess the causes of the financial development and how management had handled the economy. The audit included an assessment of whether the financial administration was satisfactory and an examination of the establishment and use of a guest flat. Rigsrevisionen has also assessed whether the board of Charlottenborg and the Ministry of Culture have performed their duties in a satisfactory manner.