Report on DSB's procurement and completion of IC4 and IC2 trains


Report no. 14/2011

This report is about DSB's procurement and completion of IC4 and IC2 trains as performed since May 2009.

In May 2009, following persistent late deliveries, DSB entered a settlement agreement with the train manufacturer AnsaldoBreda. Against financial compensation from AnsaldoBreda, DSB would complete the IC4 and IC2 trains. In 2010, DSB Vedligehold (DSB Maintenance), as sub-supplier to AnsaldoBreda, entered an agreement with AnsaldoBreda to upgrade 14 so-called NT train sets.

The objective of the study has been to assess whether DSB when procuring and manufacturing trains, and DSB Maintenance as sub-supplier, have taken the action required to ensure that DSB as soon as possible, and within the financial framework, will be able to enter the completed IC4 and IC2 trains into service, and whether the Ministry of Transport, in its capacity as owner of DSB, has performed its supervision in a satisfactory manner. The report answers the following questions:

  • Has DSB when procuring trains and DSB Maintenance as sub-supplier taken prompt and targeted action to have the trains delivered by the agreed time and to the quality standard agreed?
  • Has DSB, as manufacturer of trains, planned and implemented the completion of the trains in a manner that will allow DSB to enter the trains into service as soon as possible and within the financial framework?
  • Has the Ministry of Transport's overall supervision, as owner of DSB, of DSB's procurement and completion of the trains been satisfactory.

The study has been launched at the request of the Public Accounts Committee.

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