Report on the audit of EU funds in Denmark in 2012


Report no. 17/2012

Rigsrevisionen has worked out a report and audit opinion on the audit of EU funds in Denmark in 2012, i.e. an audit of the revenue Denmark has received from the EU (EU revenue) and the contributions Denmark has made to the EU budget (EU expenditure or EU own resources). The audit opinion and report clarify Rigsrevisionen’s overall assessment of the administration of EU funds in Denmark.

The report is focused on three policy areas; performance management of the European Social Fund (the Social Fund) and the Rural Development Fund - as implemented through the Green Growth agreement - and the administration of Denmark’s contributions to the EU budget in the form of customs duties and agricultural fees and levies, VAT- and GNI-based resources. Rigsrevisionen has also followed up on the emphasis of matter paragraph that was included in the report on the audit of EU funds in Denmark in 2011.

Read the 1st chapter of the report (PDF)