Report on Denmark’s absorption of EU funds


Report no. 23/2013

This report concerns Denmark’s ability to spend funds allocated from the EU budget.

Most of the EU budget is spent on initiatives that support, for instance, growth, employment and environmental improvements in the individual member states. Funding for such initiatives is provided through the national authorities’ administration of the EU funds. Projects that are co-financed by the EU require national co-funding.

The maximum funding that may be allocated to the individual member states is agreed among the heads of state and government in the European Council during the political negotiations on the EU’s multiannual financial framework. If the Danish authorities fail to use the funds allocated, opportunities to support growth, employment and environmental improvements will be lost for Denmark.. 

The report answers the following question: 

  • Have the Danish authorities fully used the funding provided through the EU funds?

The study was launched at Rigsrevisionen’s initiative.

Read the 1st chapter of the report (PDF)