Report on SKAT’s (the Danish customs and tax administration) system modernization project


Report no. 5/2014

In 2004, the Danish customs and tax administration initiated a modernisation of its IT-systems, which is still ongoing. The system modernisation process is divided into two phases, each including three projects. Phase 1 was launched in May 2004 and included the following projects: an infrastructure platform (ENS), an online self-service facility (E-tax Business) and a system for business tax assessment. Phase 2 was launched in May 2006 and comprised a web-based vehicle registration system (DMR), a system for handling transactions between businesses and SKAT (Tax account) and a common collection system (EFI).

The purpose of this study is to assess SKAT’s management of the six system modernisation projects, the performance of the overall system modernisation project against objectives set and the implementation of the EFI system in the organisation, which is the most important project in financial terms and the project that has suffered the greatest delay.

Rigsrevisionen initiated the study in November 2013.

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