Report on the audit of the Danish government accounts for 2016


Report no. 21/2016

The Danish government accounts include the financial statements of the 18 departments authorised to administer funds on behalf of the Danish state in 2016. 

The purpose of the audit has been to assess whether the government accounts are correct and whether the ministries have administered public funds in accordance with the decisions made by the Danish parliament. Thus, the report supports the Danish Public Accounts Committee and parliament in their supervision of the ministries. 

The report shows that, in all material aspects, the government accounts are correct, meaning that the government has, in all material aspects, observed the terms of the appropriations. 

At the same time, however, the report highlights that a number of agencies and public bodies can improve their administration, including their accounting. The report includes a statement on the Danish Customs and Tax Administration’s inadequate collection of arrears, we refer to cases where agencies and public bodies have failed to secure the appropriate legal basis for their transactions, and to cases where we have identified irregularities, errors and misstatements in salary administration and inadequate IT-security measures. We also refer to areas where the ministries have rectified problems highlighted in earlier reports. 

Last, the report includes our audit opinion on EU funds in Denmark, and we highlight a number of areas where the administration of EU funds can be improved.

Read the 1st chapter of the report (PDF)