Report on the construction of a veterinary laboratory on the grounds of the DTU


Report no. 19/2017

This report concerns how the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) used funds for the building of a laboratory granted under Legal Document no. 77 25/4 2013.  Funds were granted for the construction of a new veterinary laboratory and stable facilities at the campus of DTU in Lyngby. 

The purpose of the study is to assess whether the DTU has used the full grant or part of the DKK 80.3 million grant from the laboratory programme in compliance with Legal Document no. 77. Furthermore, we have examined whether the Ministry of Higher Education and Science has kept the Finance Committee informed of significant changes to the construction of the laboratory at the DTU grounds.   

Rigsrevisionen notes that the DKK 80.3 million from the laboratory programme granted under Legal Document no. 77, has not been used for construction of a veterinary laboratory at the DTU grounds. The Danish Building and Property Agency has informed Rigsrevisionen that it does not expect to transfer the DKK 80.3 million to the DTU to cover costs relating to the veterinary laboratory, but that the funds will remain available in the programme account. 

Rigsrevisionen initiated the study in April 2018 at the request of the Danish Public Accounts Committee.

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