Report on archaeological investigations


Report no. 14/2017

The report concerns archaeological investigations conducted in connection with construction works. The cost of such investigations are borne by the developers. Investigations are carried out by the archaeological museums, and the Ministry of Culture (the Agency for Culture and Palaces) determines the level of cost based on a recommendation made by the relevant archaeological museum. 

The purpose of the study is to assess whether the Ministry of Culture is managing archaeological investigations in a satisfactory manner. 

It is Rigsrevisionen's assessment that the Ministry of Culture's management of archaeological investigations is unsatisfactory. The framework defined by the Agency for Culture and Palaces and the agency's administration of cases are not ensuring a consistent basis for the museums' professional appraisals and budgeting of archaeological investigations. Furthermore, the agency's management of subsidies is not sufficiently transparent. As a result, developers are not treated equally and risk being overcharged for investigations. 

Rigsrevisionen initiated the study in August 2017.

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