Report on children and adolescents’ right to psychiatric assessment in the psychiatric system


Report no. 10/2023

The purpose of the study is to assess whether the regions have ensured that children and adolescents are informed of their rights and referred for psychiatric assessment in compliance with the regulations. 

Rigsrevisionen assesses that the regions have not ensured that children and adolescents are referred for psychiatric assessment and informed of their rights in compliance with the Danish Health Care Act. This is considered very unsatisfactory by Rigsrevisionen. The majority of children and adolescents are not offered psychiatric assessment within the statutory 30 days, nor are most of the children and adolescents informed of their rights, when the time limit of 30 days has been exceeded. In the course of the period examined, the reports submitted by three of the regions have consistently under-estimated the time the patients have waited for a psychiatric assessment. This means that the Ministry of Interior and Health’s national monitoring of the regions’ compliance with the right to psychiatric assessment is not true and fair. Rigsrevisionen finds it unsatisfactory that the Ministry of Interior and Health has failed to support the regions in submitting uniform and correct reports on the patients’ waiting time for psychiatric assessment. 

Rigsrevisionen took the initiative to the study in January 2023.

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