Submission to the Public Accounts Committee

Every year, we submit two reports to the Public Accounts Committee on the results of our annual audit.


The purpose of the reports on the audit of the public accounts and the audit of the government’s administration is to inform the Public Accounts Committee of essential results of the audit. Our reports help the members of the Public Accounts Committee hold the government to account and they assist the members of the Danish parliament in their approval of the annual public accounts.  

The two reports are submitted to the Public Accounts Committee in August. When the committee’s monthly meeting is over, the two reports are published along with two one-pagers that sum up the purpose and results of the reports.  

The reports – including the committee’s official statement on the respective reports – are sent to the ministries after the committee meeting. 

Now the ministries have three months to prepare a report that describes the measures they intend to implement in response to the issues raised in the two reports. 


Niels Gyldenvang Steffensen