Follow-up memorandums

We follow up on issues raised in Section 18, sub-section 4 memorandums in follow-up memorandums until the ministry has addressed all issues and the case can be closed.


The purpose of follow-up memorandums is to address issues raised in the reports that were not addressed in the Section 18, sub-section 4 memorandums. Generally, we work out follow-up memorandums to determine whether the ministry has implemented the necessary measures in response to issues raised at the latest two years after we have submitted our Section 18, sub-section 4 memorandum. If, at this point, the ministry has not implemented all the required measures, we follow up again in a follow-up memorandum no later than four years after we submitted the Section 18, sub-section 4 memorandum. Usually, a case is not closed before all issues outstanding after the Section 18, sub-section 4 memorandum have been resolved adequately by the ministry.


Niels Gyldenvang Steffensen