Section 18, sub-section 4 memorandums

We follow up on our reports in Section 18, sub-section 4 memorandums, based on the minister’s response to the conclusions and findings published in the reports. In the memorandums, we list the issues we intend to follow up on in subsequent memorandums.


The purpose of the Section 18, sub-section 4 memorandum is to follow up on the minister’s response and inform the Public Accounts Committee of our reaction to the minister’s response. In the memorandum, we go through the measures implemented by the minister in response to the issues raised in our report. Usually, we follow up on the measures in a follow-up memorandum. If the measures implemented by the minister are satisfactory, the case can be closed with the section 18, sub-section 4 memorandum.


Niels Gyldenvang Steffensen