International activities

Participating in various forums with colleagues from all over the world is an important source of learning and inspiration for us.

Our engagement in international activities allows us to keep abreast of developments in public-sector auditing, exchange knowledge with colleagues from other parts of the world and change to our auditing practice. 

For historical – and geographical – reasons, we have particularly close ties with the other Nordic countries (The Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden) and exchange knowledge and experience on audit related as well as organisational issues.

We are also – through Denmark’s membership of the European Union – participating in meetings relating to the European Court of Auditors’ and the Commission’s audits in Denmark. 

Rigsrevisionen is a member of INTOSAI (the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions) and EUROSAI (the European branch of INTOSAI). We are participating in a number of working groups and committees established under these two organisations, where we exchange knowledge with our colleagues around the world on the issues and challenges facing national audit offices. Rigsrevisionen has also for two decades been heavily involved in the development of a set of international standards for financial, compliance and performance auditing in the public-sector.

In addition to our participation in work groups and committees, we also draw on more informal knowledge networks created by our staff over the years. These networks are as important a source of inspiration to us as the more formal working forums.


Niels Gyldenvang Steffensen