Auditor General Birgitte Hansen

Rigsrevisor Birgitte Hansen

Birgitte Hansen has a Master of Science degree in Economics from the University of Copenhagen and joined Rigsrevisionen on May 1st 2022 from a position as permanent secretary in the Ministry of Children and Education.

Previous positions: 

  • Director General of the National Agency for Education and Quality
  • Managing Director of the Employment and Integration Administration in the Municipality of Copenhagen
  • Managing Director and founder of the management consulting company Slotsholm A/S
  • Chief Officer of Social Work in the Municipality of Brøndby
  • Head of Department in the Ministry of Finance
  • Personal Adviser to the minister for business and growth
  • Labour Market Consultant in the Confederation of Danish Employers.

The Auditor General’s tasks and duties

The Auditor General heads Rigsrevisionen and submits Rigsrevisionen’s reports to the Danish Public Accounts Committee. 

The Auditor General is independent in the performance of her duties, which means that it is up to her to decide what issues within the realm of the public sector that should be examined and reported on. The Auditor General also receives requests from the Public Accounts Committee to examine specific issues. 

The Auditor General assists the Public Accounts Committee in their scrutiny of the public accounts, and she participates in parliamentary committee meetings upon request from the Public Accounts Committee. 

The Auditor General is appointed for a period of six years with a possible extension of a further four years. No further extension of tenure is possible, nor is reappointment. The Public Accounts Committee nominate their candidate for the position to the Speaker of the Danish Parliament, who subsequently discusses the nomination with four deputy speakers. If the Speaker and deputy speakers accept the committee’s nomination, they will ask the Standing Orders Committee to endorse the candidate. 

Read more about the tasks and duties of the Danish Auditor General in the Auditor General Act.


Birgitte Hansen
Auditor General