Report on The State's purchase of professional services


Report no. 10/2006

The report deals with the State's purchase of external consultants. To a great extent, the State uses external consultants to carry out assignments which the State for various reasons cannot or do not wish to carry out. The Ministry of Finance has estimated that the State spent more than DKK 3 billions on external professional services in 2004.

Rigsrevisionen's examination addresses 2 issues: Firstly, can the authorities be more strategic in their considerations concerning decisions to purchase external professional services rather than having internal employees carry out an assignment. Secondly, can the authorities' purchase of external professional services be made more cost-effectively, i.e. can procurement be prepared and carried out in a more expedient manner and can the follow-up on purchases be further improved.

Rigsrevisionen has in connection with the examination drawn up a checklist with recommendations, supporting government authorities in their procurement of professional services.