Report on the management of government IT projects


Report no. 2/2008

The report is about the management of five government IT projects implemented in five different institutions under four ministries (Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs, the Ministry of the Environment, and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries).

Rigsrevisionen has examined whether the decision to implement the IT projects was made on an adequate basis and whether roles and responsibilities in relation to the implementation of the projects were defined. Secondly, Rigsrevisionen has reviewed how the institutions have managed the projects, including whether planning and monitoring of the projects have been conducted in a satisfactory manner. Finally, Rigsrevisionen has examined whether the institutions have tried to obtain knowledge of the effect of the implemented IT projects, and whether the institutions systematically accumulate experience concerning the management of the projects.

The examination was started in June 2008 at Rigsrevisionen's initiative.

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