Report on the project to implement a digital registration system


Report no. 14/2009

The report is about the implementation of digitized registration of property. The Court Administration - an independent institution under the Ministry of Justice - has been in charge of the implementation of the digital registration system in close cooperation with the Land Registration Court, which was established in 2007.

Property registration includes public registration, test and publication of rights in the title register. The digital land register was launched on 8 September 2009 after having been delayed several times, whereas the remaining three registers have not been implemented yet. After the digital land registration was launched, the users experienced problems with the registration of land in the title register, which among other things lead to long processing times.

The objective of the audit, that was initiated at the request of the Public Accounts Committee, was to assess the implementation of the digital land registration project, including the basis for the decision to implement the project, project management, financial management, the functionality of the system, the preparations relating to the organisational implementation of the system and the functioning of the system.

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