Report on major defence acquisitions


Report no. 6/2009

The objective of the examination is to assess Defence Command Denmark's (the Defence) procurement of major equipment. Defence equipment includes and ranges from weapons, communication systems, combat vehicles to aircraft and vessels. The report is about major acquisitions of equipment purchased on the basis of applications for appropriations that have been submitted to the Finance Committee.

Rigsrevisionen has examined 18 selected projects and assessed whether the equipment has been procured at the time and cost agreed, and of the quality agreed. The total value of the equipment included in the 18 projects is approximately DKK 13 billion. The projects under audit include equipment deliveries to the Army, Navy, and Air Force, and joint-Service acquisitions. Rigsrevisionen has also examined whether the Ministry of Defence has access to the information required to keep the grant-awarding authorities informed of the Defence's procurement of equipment.

Rigsrevisionen has decided to conduct the examination for various reasons, among them the fact that Rigsrevisionen has previously examined problems relating to individual acquisitions, and the Defence's decision to improve and standardize acquisition of equipment. Procurement of equipment is consuming a significant portion of the annual defence budgets and represents a significant area. The examination covers mainly the Defence Agreement period 2005 - 2009. Since 1 January 2007, the Acquisition and Logistics Organization has been in charge of procurement and maintenance of equipment on behalf of the authorities under the Defence.

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