Report on the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme


Report no. 10/2009

The report is about the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme which was launched by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2003 and is a part of a Danish foreign policy effort directed at countries in the Arab region. The objective of the programme is to establish a basis for improved dialogue, understanding and cooperation between Denmark and the Arab region, and to support existing local reform processes in the Middle East and North Africa.

The objective of the report has been to examine the development in grants/commitments and payments relating to the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme, the outcome and effect of the initiative, and how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has ensured coordination between bilateral and multilateral efforts made in the Arab region, and between the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme and other development aid. Rigsrevisionen has also examined whether the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has adapted the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme on the basis of lessons learnt. The examination was initiated at the request of the Danish Public Accounts Committee.

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