Report on the audit of the Danish government's administration in 2019


Report no. 20/2019

Rigsrevisionen's annual audit of the government's administration in selected areas is based on an assessment of the risk that the ministries are not complying with the rules or supporting economic, efficient and effective administration. In the course of a five-year period, our work plan ensures that essential transactions, processes or systems pertaining to the administration are audited.

Our audits answer the following questions:

  • Have the ministries administered selected subject matters in compliance with the rules?
  • Are the ministries' systems and processes supporting economic, efficient and effective administration of selected subject matters? 

The audit of the government's compliance and administration disclosed that the ministries' administration is not consistently complying with the regulations and conditions laid down by the Folketing (Danish parliament), which has the consequence that the government is not performing its duties effectively, rule of law is compromised and the government is losing the opportunity to collect revenues.

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