Report on outsourcing of personal data


Report no. 15/2019

Denmark is among the digitally most advanced countries in the world and provides a broad range of electronic services that make life easier for both citizens, companies and authorities. To do that, the public sector needs to collect and process vast quantities of sensitive and confidential data about the citizens.

The purpose of the study is to assess the public authorities' effort to ensure that outsourced sensitive and confidential personal data about citizens are secure. The report answers the following questions:

  • Have the public authorities’ management of data processors that store sensitive and confidential personal data been satisfactory?
  • Have the Ministry of Justice, including the Danish Data Protection Agency, and the Ministry of Finance adequately supported the public authorities in their management of data processors?

It is Rigsrevisionen's overall assessment that the public authorities have not adequately ensured that outsourced sensitive and confidential personal data about the citizens are secure, and therefore are at risk of being compromised.

Rigsrevisionen initiated the study in February 2019.

Read the introduction and conclusion (PDF)