Report on management of benefits in government IT projects


Report no. 21/2019

The purpose of the study is to assess whether the ministries' realisation of IT project benefits has been satisfactory. The report answers the following questions:

  • Are the ministries adequately monitoring and tracking the benefits realisation of their IT projects?
  • Do the ministries have an adequate basis for their expectations in regard to planned IT project benefits?

It is Rigsrevisionen's assessment that the ministries' management of realisation of benefits associated with IT projects has been unsatisfactory. As a consequence, the ministries have either largely failed to achieve or have no knowledge of the current status of the planned improvements and savings. Rigsrevisionen recommends that the Council for IT Projects, based on the results of this study, consider how the ministries can improve the identification, monitoring and tracking of benefits.

Rigsrevisionen initiated the study in October 2019.

Read the introduction and conclusion (PDF)