Report on the audit of the Danish government’s administration in 2022


Report no. 21/2022

The report concerns 35 audits conducted by Rigsrevisionen in 2022. The purpose of the audits has been either to determine whether the ministries are complying with selected rules and regulations or to assess whether they have established systems and processes to support efficient, effective and economic management of public funds. 

Rigsrevisionen found that public funds were managed in compliance with the rules in all material respects in 16 out of 17 audits, and in 14 out of 18 audits the administration was efficient, effective or economic in all material respects. Our audit opinions on 30 of the 35 audits conducted in 2022 were thus positive.  

In the remit of the Ministry of Health, Rigsrevisionen detected one material regulatory breach and four administrative areas in the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Taxation were affected by material administrative shortcomings.

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