Report on the Government's administration of service occupancies and service tenancies


Report no. 8/2009

On the basis of the Public Accounts Committee's request, Rigsrevisionen has conducted a major and cross-ministerial examination of whether the Government is administering its service occupancies and service tenancies in compliance with current regulations. Audit subjects are the Danish Defence, the Danish Forest and Nature Agency, and the Danish Prison and Probation Service, which are in total managing more than 90 per cent of all government service occupancies and service tenancies.

Service occupancies and service tenancies are associated with the performance of certain duties, and the appointing authorities must inform the employee of these duties when the property is allocated. The rent charged for both service occupancies and service tenancies must reflect the rent level in the private housing market, but due to the duties that are associated with the living accommodation, the employee should be granted a compensatory deduction in rent. Rigsrevisionen has examined whether the three authorities are complying with the regulations when they are allocating accommodation and whether the rent is fixed correctly. Finally, the report looks into the development in number of service occupancies and service tenancies managed by the Danish Defence in recent years.

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