Report on the management of the activities in the hospitals


Report no. 7/2009

The report looks into the management of activities in five selected hospital departments. The term "activities" covers patient examinations, operations and treatments performed in the department. The objective of the examination has been to assess the framework set for management of activities in the hospital departments.

The examination has been launched against the background that the hospital departments have in recent years been met with increased demands with respect to management of their activities, and at the same time, responsibility has to a great extent been decentralized to the departments; the individual departments have become directly responsible for the effective running of the departments and cost-efficient use of resources. It is therefore imperative that the framework set for activity management is appropriate.

Rigsrevisionen has examined whether the departments are planning and budgeting their activities on a satisfactory basis. Furthermore, it has been assessed whether the IT systems of the departments are underpinning planning and execution of activities and whether the management information systems are providing a satisfactory foundation for following up on activities.

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